Jad Hunter

March 2000 - May 20th, 2000

I knew the rainy evening Jad was conceived we were going to have a baby.

I walked my fiancée to the door and kissed them both goodnight under a soft pale moon. There's no point here and now to reflect on those moments up until the abortion of our baby. Jad is not here, and that's all that matters. I will never hold him. I will never see what he looked like. I will never tickle his feet. I will never hear his laugh. I never be able to love him....Well, no that's not true. I do love him. I just will never be able to tell him and show him here on Earth...but someday, I still hope to find forgiveness for his Mother who did this without my knowledge. God knows how much I wanted Jad and how much I love him.... and that faith...will see me thru until the beautiful day I can tell Jad myself.

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