Father's Reflections

I Still Cry

Sometimes I look at my two children,
And I know there should be three.
I still cry.
Sometimes I see a family with two sons close in age with a daughter,
And then I look at mine.
I still cry.
I know, Father, you have forgiven me because I took my pain to Christ,
But how do I explain to him why I did this and why he had no life.
The ball games lost, hunting, camping and all the long talks,
Father -son times we never had.
I still cry. I try not to think about it,
I would give my life a hundred times over, to give him his.
Oh, God, how I wish I could have held you as a baby and in your teens.
I still cry. The pain I held so deep inside was way too much to bear,
Through Jesus Christ and Reconciliation, inner -peace was there.
I still cry. I know one day I'll hold you tight and look into your eyes,
‘Til then, my son, I love you.
I still cry.

To my son, Christian....love, dad

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