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These materials can be of use in helping someone to heal, helping someone who cares about a man dealing with abortion to understand or helping the public at large to understand.

Books and Brochures

Men and Abortion: A Path to Healing

by Dr. Catherine T. Coyle

This book was written for men who have been hurt by a personal involvement with abortion and is based on a healing program that was scientifically documented to be effective. It focuses on the specific problems experienced by post-abortion men, including anger, helplessness, guilt, relationship problems and grief. The steps toward healing are described and practical suggestions are offered. The model is healing uses a forgiveness model. This book is an excellent aid not only for post-abortion men, but for all those who care for and counsel them. Books may be ordered from Life Cycle Books.

The author may be contacted at

Fatherhood Aborted

by Guy Condon and David Hazard

This book focuses on the men responsible for the abortion loss and helps them process the experience. It is written from an evangelical Christian perspective. Available from

Healing A Fathers Heart

by Linda Cochrane and Kathy Jones

An insightful Bible study for men touched by abortion. Helps these ”silent,wounded warriors” to move from denial to acceptance and forgiveness through God’s love. Available from

Redeeming a Father’s Heart: Men Share Powerful Stories of Abortion Loss and Recovery

by Kevin Burke, LSW, David Wemhoff, Marvin Stockwell

This recently published book is a collection of stories of men dealing with abortion losses. Available from


by Sheila Harper

The Men's Study is a 10 chapter book that can be used in the privacy of your own home or in a group format. This study mirrors the SaveOne Women's Study so it's very easy for a couple to complete together. This study will teach you about your source of courage to get through this process, how to renew your mind, just how far God's grace extends, and more.

You can order individual copies or group packages from or by calling 866-329-3571.

Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing

by Tom Golden

This book addresses masculine healing as opposed to feminine healing. Any one of us may have a combination of both, but it is most helpful in understanding masculine healing. Our society tends to think all of use should grieve in the same way, and the bias is toward feminine healing styles. This very readable and informative book is helpful for anyone trying to understand how a man might grieve. Available from

Letters to Pilgrim

by Herbert A. LePore

This book is a first novel by the author, gives readers a glimpse into the private thoughts and lifelong remorse and longing felt by the father of an aborted baby. (From the book cover) Available from BookSurge, LLC,. Available from


Forgotten Fathers

This brochure explains that men who do not hide their feelings often describe thie abortion experience as bewildering and painful beyond their coping abilities. Excellent for men in this situation and those who seek to understand.

Available from

Secret Sorrow

Speaks directly to the man who is hurting after abortion as it encourages him to seek hope and healing through counseling, reconciliation and a church community.

Available from

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