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While these are resources may be geographically limited at the moment, they are also listed so that those seeking to begin an outreach can find examples of what is being done and network with others.

Rachel's Hope After-Abortion Workshop for Men

Rachel's Hope after-abortion workshop for men is a one-day gathering of men who have been directly involved in an abortion with their partner, be it current or past, and for men who are in relationship with a post-abortive woman. This 7 1/2 hour workshop helps men get in touch with the avoidance of pain over the loss of their child through an abortion. It also helps them to understand what their partner has experienced and may still be experiencing. This understanding of their partner's pain is necessary, as well as their own pain and regrets. It helps to strengthen the relationship by compassionating with their partner. Men are hardwired to do and to fix a problem and when they do not know how to do that, they typically avoid or run away. Women are more hardwired to be relational and in so doing are more willing to express their pain and often times in a skewed way. If a woman expresses and the man does not interpret accurately, the relationship can easily go into opposite directions because of their own interpretation about what is happening in the relationship.

In order to keep the men's attention throughout the workshop, video clips are shown and also some overhead projection film, implementing some 12-step principles, which eases the men into an understanding of what they have been trying to avoid because they didn't know how to fix it, the abortion.. Women perceive this avoidance as men don't care because they're not all teary and emotional about the tragic event. With that interpretation it's not unusual for the female partner to "impress upon the man how they should feel". Men perceive this as an attack and their "flight or fight" kicks in. The issue of the abortion goes unresolved.

These workshops are conducted twice a year six months apart at the Diocesan Pastoral Center at 3888 Paducah Drive, San Diego, CA. 92117. For more information contact: Rachel's Hope Ministry,  Telephone number: 858-581-3022.

Presented by: Jim Benefield, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Entering Canaan-Men’s Days of Prayer & Healing

A post abortion mission addressing issues unique to men.

Are you, or do you know a man who is suffering because of the loss of a child through abortion? Did you pressure someone to have an abortion? Were you against the abortion? Did you go along because you thought you had no say and wanted to support the woman? Did someone else pressure you both? Did you find out after the fact? Is the woman you are now married to, or with, post abortive? Men suffer because of abortion too! Hope & Healing is possible!

Next Events:May 3, 2008   Bronx, NY
Sponsored by :The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
For more info call or email Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion

Sons of Adam

Sons of Adam is for men who are suffering from an experience of abortion.


Sons of Adam is a group process, an hour a week for ten weeks. Sons of Adam are given a Sons of Adam workbook compiled by Rev. Steve Wolf and a copy of Men and Abortion, A Path to Healing, by C.T. Coyle, Ph.D. We meet in a confidential place in Mt. Juliet, TN, near St. Stephen Catholic Church, but not at the church.

A meeting with Fr. Steve before the Sons of Adam group meetings is recommended, but not required. If a man wants to meet with Fr. Steve, but not do the group, he will also be provided with the Sons of Adam materials.


There is no charge, no fee.

Sons of Adam is a ministry of Rev. Steve Wolf, Pastor
St. Stephen Catholic Community
14544 Lebanon Road
Old Hickory, TN  37138
615-758-2424, ext. 12
Fax 754-0043

Fathers and Brothers Ministries, International

By abortion a man loses his fatherhood, and he very often experiences devastating personal and relational rejection as well. I can not tell you why, but for some reason in America we withhold the social permission which allows fathers to grieve abortion losses. Although we know pent up frustration over incomplete grief can be socially affective (a man can begin to behave like a fugitive—running, fighting, abusing, abandoning, etc.) fatherhood lost by abortion is nonetheless socially excluded from normal grief. It is for this reason that we at Fathers & Brothers Ministries, International are committed to grief wellness by empowering each father who wants to find ways to overcome the losses of his fatherhood, the losses of his children and often the loss of his love relationship with the mother of their lost child. We offer and encourage men to find ways to convert the losses in their lives into healthy relationships and moreover to restore a father’s lost dignity and integrity. We are confident that millions of fathers who feel disenfranchised grief wish to overcome the negatives which an abortion has caused (even when they were a primary cause themselves). We are also confident that there can be comfort for them and they can in turn provide comfort for their hurting peers as well.

We believe God is helping them shift their inward and isolating focus from the secret, the guilt, the shame and the blame of the past, to an outward and productive focus on others as they learn to turn their fatherly values toward their subsequent children families, and society as providers, protectors, and creative men of noble cause.

Want to join us? — or , if you know someone who would like to talk ask them to call Fathers & Brothers Ministries, International at 1-888-546-0148. We Listen

Project Joseph

Because abortion hurts men as well as women, Project Joseph offers a healing program for men. Project Joseph is a Catholic based program, but is open to all. Our purpose is to help men understand abortion’s impact and heal from this experience, whatever their involvement was. Men choose their preferred path to healing. We offer small group post abortion Bible studies, individual counseling or mentoring, a chance for sacramental Reconciliation if desired, and closure with a Memorial Mass or service.

Phone: 913-621-2199 or toll free 888-246-1504 CONFIDENTIAL
Email: projectrachelkc@archkck.org


Rachel's Vineyard Ministries

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries offers a weekend retreat where men and women travel together on a journey to healing and reconciliation.  Abortion is in many ways a relational wound, and participants report great benefit to having men and women participating in the healing process.  The weekend retreat works in a complimentary way with other post abortion healing programs such as men's bible studies and individual counseling programs.  Weekend retreats are held in many locations across the United States and Internationally.  You can find more information on how to find a retreat and register at www.rachelsvineyard.org www.rachelsvineyard.org.  The website also features a Men's page where you can find email support from other men who have found healing of their abortion loss and are ready to offer support to any man who is suffering after abortion.

Life Issues Institute

1821 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati OH 45239
Phone: 1-513-729-3600


Available resources:

House of Esau Ministries

House of Esau ministries is a ministry for men healing from the pain of having lost a child through abortion.

Director - Rev. Scott Miller, M. Counseling, M. Divinity

House of Esau is a place were men can confidentially allow their pain to be acknowledged, affirmed and expressed, and their souls to be healed from the tragedy of abortion. We offer a non-judgmental environment where men can find the compassion of Christ in a supportive, non-threatening context.

During a weekend retreat we create an environment for sharing our stories and presenting our wounds to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing. At the House of Esau™, men can begin walking the road of redemption, reconciliation and restoration.

House of Esau can help men heal from their "father wound" and the resulting sexual brokenness and pain-managing lifestyle. In this environment, men can heal from the loss of emotional intimacy with their own fathers and reconnect with the intimacy that their heavenly Father wants to provide.

For additional information about House of Esau ministries, email us at: houseofesau@silverlion.org.

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