While these are resources may be geographically limited at the moment, they are also listed so that those seeking to begin an outreach can find examples of what is being done and network with others.

Print Resources

These materials can be of use in helping someone to heal, helping someone who cares about a man dealing with abortion to understand or helping the public at large to understand.


These are web sites that contain valuable information and additional links to sites that might be of interest for some people.


The following people are pioneers in the field of men dealing with abortion. Here is information on who they are and how to contact them.

Resource For You

If you are interested in obtaining the book “Men and Abortion: A Path to Healing” by C.T. Coyle, please email and request it. We need a mailing address. The suggested donation which will cover the book and the cost of mailing is $16.00. We will provide it to anyone who asks, regardless of your ability to make a donation.

We also have a booklet that is available for you called “Healing for Your Soul” A Guide for Post-Abortion Fathers” by Rev. Martin Pable which lays out in a simple fashion some of the issues involved in beginning the healing process. Please email and ask for it by name. There is no charge for the material. We will send a donation envelope if you would like to make a donation, but it is not required.

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